Asbestos Surveys

With deaths caused by Asbestosis rising and predicted to continue so for years to come, the need for first-rate, professional assistance is more important than ever when carrying out asbestos surveys.

From local authority buildings such as schools, care homes and high education colleges to single dwellings, office blocks and industrial units; all of these structures and more can see a huge range of asbestos-related problems rear their ugly head. That said, however, choosing a firm of asbestos surveyors need not be a difficult task. City Surveys & Monitoring' asbestos surveyors travels throughout the UK every day delivering thorough, in-depth asbestos surveys on all manner of structures.

Services include

  • Asbestos Surveys (Management and Pre-Demolition)
  • Detailed Site Recording
  • Asbestos Analysis and Classification
  • Disposal or Insitu Management Advice

Not only do we provide asbestos surveys themselves, we can also train your staff on the dangers of asbestos, how to spot it in its many forms, how to avoid it, what to do when it’s discovered and, crucially, how to protect yourself from very costly compensation claims in the future.

Want to hear more about asbestos surveys? For information on Asbestos, how to deal with it and our range of UK-wide asbestos surveys, why not call our Liverpool Head Office on 0151 726 8334? A member of our team will be more than happy to talk.

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