Topographic Surveys

All of our surveyors produce high-accuracy topographic surveys (also known as topographical surveys or land surveys) in any digital format and in either 2D or 3D for the production of plans, sections and volume calculations.

Here at City Surveys & Monitoring we understand that every client is different as are their expectations of what their topographic surveys should look like. Before we take on a project we take the time to ask a number of questions of our clients including the following…

  • What is the purpose of this topographic survey / why do you need it?
  • What features do you need picking up?
  • Would you like us to use a standard City Surveys & Monitoring layout or your own?
  • Do you have your own layering system?
  • Do you have a specific code list?
  • Do you have unique line types?

By procuring your survey through City Surveys & Monitoring you can expect a highly professional and courteous team of surveyors to arrive on site, smartly turned out and equipped with the very latest robotic Trimble total stations, field computers, level instruments and all other accessories required to carry out the very highest quality topographic surveys. Once the fieldwork element has been completed our surveyors transmit their data back to our offices where our CAD team will begin processing it into one or a series of precision drawings. To keep costs down for you and to help do our bit for the environment, these days we submit all surveys in digital format as both a DWG and PDF file (although other formats are available, MOSS, Genio etc). That said, we can always provide topographical surveys in hard-copy paper format or on a CD if required.

It has always been a mantra within City Surveys & Monitoring that you may as well be going backward if you’re not striving to move forward. As a result we are regularly investing in new equipment, software, vehicles and training to make our survey teams amongst the best equipped, trained and reliable land surveyors in the UK. Our equipment fleet includes robotic total stations such as the Trimble, S6, S8, SPS610 and SPS930 with Trimble R8 GPS receivers featured as a standard part of every team’s kit. Software ranges from AutoCAD and LSS to Terramodel Road/Rail Design and, most recently, Trimble 4D which adds incredible new dimensions to our capability in terms of how we can process and manipulate your data.

Unlike many surveying firms, City Surveys & Monitoring train their staff to process and finish their own topographic surveys. Whilst the majority of surveys are actually processed at our Head Office by our accomplished CAD team, we have always believed that a surveyor should always have a good understanding of how his finished topographic survey will be processed. More importantly, however, is having a CAD department that understands how the fieldwork is carried out. All of our CAD technicians have extensive topographical survey experience which we believe helps avoid communication problems between Surveyor and CAD Operator and, through that, ensures a swift and efficient turn around for the client.

Fancy learning more about topographic surveys or what City Surveys & Monitoring Land Surveyors can do for you? Why not pick up the phone calling 03300244988 or, alternatively, get in touch via our contact form.