Monitoring Engineers

Engineers regularly demand rapid, precise and up-to-date data collection. We regularly provide specialist monitoring services to a wide variety of engineering disciplines delivering real-time and accurate data direct to their desktops.

Over recent years we have also invested significant amounts of time and money into developing our own bespoke monitoring software that is included free of charge as part of all monitoring projects. This enables us, our clients and their clients to view real-time data received directly from their sites on any computer anywhere in the world.

For more information on our comprehensive range of monitoring services either download a datasheet or view one of the links below.

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Structural Monitoring

Our structural monitoring services are guaranteed to provide not only peace of mind, convenience and significant cost savings but also a valuable tool during the construction process.

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Vibration Monitoring

By integrating industrial-spec vibration sensors into our unique Monitoring Data Portal, City Surveys & Monitoring vibration monitoring department can assess both vibration frequency and amplitude…

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Track Monitoring

Using a combination of target monitoring and top and line surveys, our track monitoring services help preserve track safety by monitoring for undue cant, twist and settlement.

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