Structural Investigation

City Surveys & Monitoring offers the complete range of structural investigation, analysis and advisory services to the rail, construction and engineering industries.


structural investigation

With a staff made up of experienced structural investigation engineers from some of the world’s leading firms we’re able to continue our philosophy of offering a superior level of service at considerably more competitive rates.

The range of services delivered by our Structures Department prove invaluable to a vast client base ranging from architects and structural engineers to civil engineering firms and other specialist contractors, significantly those based around the highways and railway infrastructures.

How can we help you?

Our substantial team of highly-qualified engineers and structural investigation technicians carry out comprehensive testing, scanning and analysis of existing structures, calculating the factors responsible for decay and delivering highly informative, comprehensive analytical reports that help advise you on the appropriate course of action.

Through a series of exhaustive structural investigations, our engineers can deliver advice critical in illustrating how an existing structure will respond if altered. Furthermore, we can also provide a series of options and requirements should you choose to act on our engineers’ recommendations.

For more information on our comprehensive range of UK-wide, structural investigation services or to discuss a particular project, simply call our Head Office on 0330 024 4988 and a member of our team will be happy to help.

Services available

Whilst not an exhaustive list, services offered by our Structural Investigation department include…

  • Structural scanning for the location of ducts, voids, foundations and other buried objects
  • Rebar location and mapping using ferrous scanning and high-frequency pulse radar equipment
  • Half-cell potential mapping
  • Resistivity and depth of carbonation testing
  • Pressure testing
  • Delamination and hammer rebound surveys
  • Pull-off and pull-out testing
  • Humidity and moisture level testing
  • Ultrasonic surveys
  • Borescope investigations
  • Sampling by dust & diamond coring
  • Steel, paint and coating sampling
  • Tensile testing and residual stress analysis
  • Static & dynamic load testing of floors

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